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Jaydon Aydelotte (They/Them)

Born and raised in a sylvan town, Jaydon's storytelling centers their childhood memories of Oregon's tender moss, friendly ferns, and tuneful pacific tree frogs as the heart of their art practice. Jaydon leaped to the big (small) city of Portland where they developed their own voice through PNCA’s illustration program. Queer joy, close knit friendships, and remembering one’s roots are subjects that Jaydon is curious about and explores in their illustrations. Stylistically, Jaydon’s illustrations embody simple shapes inspired by Nordic tapestries, warm palettes from autumn leaves, and soft glows from bedroom lamps.

Outside of illustrating, Jaydon loves connecting with friends, sipping cozy drinks, long walks, and big unapologetic hugs.

Kids literature project interests:

  • Stories centering queer kids, especially nonbinary & transgender kids

  • Stories about unexpected friendships and found family

  • Stories about neurodivergent kids, particularly children with ADHD &/or Autism

  • Stories about buggy pals, fairies, and feathery friends

Clients: Kvetka Flowers, Lady Mae Boutique, Prism Health, Children's Book Prospective Sketching, PNCA

Galleries, Exhibitions, & Shows: Variable Creatives Collective (2023), PNCA Thesis Exhibition (2023), PNCA End of the Year Illustration Exhibit (2022)

Education: BFA in Illustration at Pacific Northwest College of Art at Willamette University (Spring 2023)

Teaching Experience: PNCA Fall 2023 Thesis Workshops

Awards: William H. Givler Thesis Award in Design Arts (2023), Audria M. Edwards Scholarship (2020 - 2022)

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