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Photo by Jasper Ramirez


A self portrait :-)


Hello! My name is Jaydon Aydelotte, I use they/them pronouns, and I am an illustrator in Portland, OR.

The real magic of queer found family, forgotten folklore, mysterious forests, and close knit friendships spark my illustration practice. I use mixed analog media including gouache, oil pastel, and color pencil to convey unique palettes and whimsical textures. I also create artwork representative of queer & neurodivergent identities, while weaving themes of flora & fauna, magic, and family into stories. In my practice, illustrating authentic underrepresented & gender-diverse characters is crucial for new perspectives and meaningful narratives.


I sell my artwork on my online shop as well as local markets. I sell my artwork as prints, stickers, tote bags, and  much more! I am also an author/illustrator. I have a picture book manuscript, and I am looking for an agent to submit to.


I would love to collaborate on a project with you! My project interests include kids literature, editorial media, gallery shows, murals, and design.


Interested? My email is

Current Experience:

PDX Collaborations: Kvetka Flowers, Lady Mae Boutique, Prism Health, PNCA Admissions

Galleries, Exhibitions, & Shows: T4T Symbiosis Exhibitoin (2024), PNCA Thesis Exhibition (2023), PNCA End of the Year Illustration Exhibit (2022)

Education: BFA in Illustration at Pacific Northwest College of Art at Willamette University (2023)

Teaching Experience: Thesis Defense Panelist (Spring 2024), PNCA Academic Coach (Spring 2024), PNCA Midterm Review Panelist (Spring 2024), PNCA Thesis Workshops (Spring 2024, Fall 2023)

Communities: SCBWI, Spectrum Art Market, PNCA Alumni

Awards: William H. Givler Thesis Award in Design Arts (2023), Audria M. Edwards Scholarship (2020 - 2022)

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