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Everyone's Nightmare: Art Block --> 3 Tips to Overcome It

Every once and awhile, we all get stuck on what to create/do next. When you can't search for your drive or find the ideas to execute what you desire for a long period of time, you may have a case of art block. There is no exact diagnosis for art block but a decent sign is a constant lack of motivation, a lose of passion for what you love, or feeling lost. All of this disguises itself as our biggest fear and worst nightmare named, yours truly, art block. For me personally, I don't encounter art block much or for very long, but, when I do, it SUCKS. It's like, I'm in this endless pit trying to climb a flat walled pit. It's kinda like American Ninja Warrior where they run up and climb that huge ramp. But in this case the ramp is like a skyscraper and is a vertical 90 degree wall. Oof.

Art Block makes one feel so hopeless; however, I have some tips for all my art pals out there who seek a way to overcome this obstacle. These tips can help anyone who feels in a pickle and needs inspiration, especially writers, photographers, and so on.

Tip 1: Take Off Your Tunnel Goggles

Many times when we lack creativity, it's because we are burnt out. This could be from our work or social environment. Either way, when we experience too much stress, our vision becomes blurred. As in, we only see things one way and feel as though there is no other view besides the one we see. To sum it up, we compensate our intense feelings of stress by narrowing our view to keep us sane.

Burnout like this, or how I like to think of it: Tunnel Goggles, keeps us in a weird bind. We forget about the vast ocean of ideas swimming around us. All we need to do is to take off our tunnel goggles while we go on our swim. Sounds easy metaphorically but can be a beast to tackle in real life. Here are some ways to take off your Tunnel Goggles and put on your Infinite Lenses! Plus, theses lenses look a lot cooler too.

  1. Check in with how you are really feeling. What lies behind your stress? Sadness? Vexation? Disgust? Our emotions can be blocking our creativity and productivity outlet. Taking a bit of time to acknowledge them clears the sea for smooth sailing.

  2. Take a nap or get more zzz's. Sleep is a HUGE factor in our performance. Do your best to rest your body, spirit, and mind by sleeping

  3. Vent to a loved one about your art block. Talking about your problems can be the cure to having the problem in the first place. Find someone who is a great listener, so you feel understood and validated!

  4. Eat food. When is the last time you had a decent meal? That wasn't empty in nutrition and calories? Keeping a healthy diet will help your energy, thoughts, and ideas soar.

Tip 2: Explore Some Nature

Maybe you got your Infinite Lenses on but just can't think of anything that gets you excited and giddy to make. Now, what I'm about to say is a little outdated. A little rustic. A little old aged. A little on the wild side.

Go outside.

Yup. I know, crazy right? But, in all seriousness, when's the last time you stepped outside for sheer joy and not for chore and routine? This one is a game changer because nature reeks of beauty and inspiration. Stepping outside, I'm lucky enough to see popping pink roses reaching out to the limitless azure sky. There is so much of the outdoors to be explored. And you don't have to travel two hours to go hug a Douglas Fir in the midst of the spooky woods (unless you like doing that. Hug that tree as long as you need to). I encourage everyone, no matter where you live, to step out and find some nature! I assure you, you will be inspired to create something of what you see, hear, and feel, while exploring!

Tip 3: Watch a Show you Obsess & Adore

Sometimes you are too tired to even move out your front door. We've all been there. If that is the case, then fear not!

Find a show you adore and just chill out. Literally. Let the awesomeness of that show filter your imagination. I know that when I watch One Piece, I can't help but to feel inspired to create something in relation to the show. The best part of this method is that it requires little effort to do. Sit down, relax, and grab something to eat and drink while your mind is filled with the wonders of the show you love. After you feel content with your TV binge, gradually get back into the creative process, like making a small sketch of the main character. This will most definitely get you back into your inventive flow.

Small warning. Avoid the Youtube void. As in, don't watch videos on Youtube to recharge. It will be more destructive than uplifting, as you'll tend to compare your success with another artist on there or you could get trapped watching useless videos for hours. Be mindful and aware of what you watch to get you back into your mojo.


Be kind, compassionate, and encouraging to yourself. It will go along way to defeat the artist block haunting your nightmares.

Let me know your experience with any kind of artist block that you've had. Feel free to share this with friends and family.

With lots of love,


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